About Us

Kaotik Darts, Inc. was started by Military Veterans with the goal of it being a win-win for players and the venues that host them. It offers both an affordable soft tip dart game for players and an income stream to the dart venues and Veteran Organizations that host the boards.

After researching all the different soft tip dart machines with global capabilities it was determined that Radikal Darts© has the most advanced online electronic dartboard today and with the following advancements:

Remote Refereeing System© developed by Gaelco
3 Cameras to record the board and the player
Laser light to control and measure the throw distance
Panoramic 21.5″ TFT Video Screen
Player card reader
Touch screen controls or key pads
Software for Leagues, Championships and stats management
Advertising on the Panoramic 21.5″ TFT Video Screen

With all of that it was only natural for Kaotik Darts, Inc. to team up with Radikal Darts© to bring this to dart players and venues throughout Alabama, Florida and Texas.

Dart Board

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