Kaotik Darts, Inc. was started by Military Veterans to not only bring an affordable soft tip dart game to dart venues and Veteran Organizations, but players too! We want the dart game to be a win-win for players and the venues that host them. After researching all the different soft tip dart machines with global capabilities it was determined that Radikal Darts© has the most advanced online electronic dartboard today. It was only natural that Kaotik Darts, Inc. team up with Radikal Darts© to bring this to dart players and venues throughout the Southeast. "Let Us Make Your Dart World a Radikal World"

Kaotik-Tx Darts is Expanding

Kaotik-Tx Darts did it AGAIN we’ve expanded in the “Great State of Texas”…..  We’d like to welcome our latest location…..  Our Glass Lounge, 1301 Pat Booker Road, Universal City TX.  be looking for more locations throughout Alabama, Florida and Texas.

Coming soon….  ADA Leagues that will help you qualify for ADA Regional and National Tournaments…..